Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I stopped by ARCO before the dawn of the dead today to pick up a copy of THE SEATTLE TIMES. When and where I spotted a huge bonus sized cinnamon coffee cake muffin with white frosting jizzed all over the top of it; for just $1.39. ~ ~ So I immediatly grabbed it. And then got back in exchange for it one of those Kentucky race horse quarters. ~ ~ For a GOLDFINGER confirmation of those recently hacked equestrian pix of Jennifer Lawrence with sugary white flour jizz drizzled all over the top of her love muffin and inside of her mouth. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ POST IT NOTES: After I logged the above dirty mouth love muffin post this AM, the news rolled out that Merle Haggard had died in Bakersfield, California on the anniversary of the day Jesus was born, and the day that he was crucified at age 34. ~ ~ For a second three-way witness, new pix rolled out on the same day of Taylor Swift and her PINK model girlfriend with a baby in the oven; exiting some Mexican restaurant of the food and fare of Babylon yesterday, at: ~ ~ Then the news hit that 10 virgin kids where injured in a school bus crash north of Cockeysville, Maryland Wednesday. Just west of Spike Lee's Black Horse, Maryland landmark on Rt.23. For his own private role in the White Horse Prophecy about the red horse of Ted Cruz, and the white horse of Donald Trump, uniting together in war against the illegal alien [MARCO 13:14] black horses of Barack Insane Obama. ~ ~ Hence the above Kentucky quarter in change for my jumbo XXX size muffin with sprinkled cum all over the top of it. ~ ~ This being today's S&P 500 Civil War index closing at 6666. Because according to REV.15, everybody who supports the new and more cool 666 Jew beast of Bernie Sanders er all is going to suffer the same fate as those 6,666,666 Jews who died at the hand of the first German Jew beast. ~ ~ Fool me once, fool me twice... Ergo, that huuuge 100 miles wide sand storm in Glenn Beck, Texas on the same day that Bernie Sanders triumphed in Wisconsin. ~ ~ SANDS OF ISRAEL NOTES: Reportedly, that giant ominous sand storm blew down from Liberal, Kansas; moving across Baker, Oak. in Beaver County, Oakieville. ~ ~ Yeah. Really. ~ ~ Whatever, one has to admit that Donald Trump is really a pretty cool guy. ~ ~ Believe me you. The babes love it when you slap them around a little bit, Humphrey Bogart style, but not too much. ~ ~ Just ask James Dean. ~ ~

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