Sunday, April 10, 2016


White Judeo Christian men with blondie hair shampoo salon jobs are so fed up with the "subtle racism" accusations by the regular brunette mixed race brown-eyed Jews, and their overweight neo lesbian feminist wives in the media, that Donald Trump will have to become the next President of America by the sheer driven-insane force of their majority vote will. ~ ~ [Not to mention their sub par $15 an hour bullshit politics wages.] ~ ~ It's hard to keep a good man down. ~ ~ Complete with genuine birth certificate, and natural born citizen Social Security number. ~ ~ You want real honest to God racism based on the facts? You got it. ~ ~ And not that warmed over and tired old racism of such old white duffers like Bill Clinton and David Letterman. ~ ~ It's a new 29ish looking world out there now. ~ ~ Where even such diverse filmmakers as Gus van Sant on the right, and Steven Spielberg on the left, will be meeting each other in the middle and voting together for Donald Trump in 2016; not to mention Warren Beauty and Harrison Ford. ~ ~ Hell, everyone loves a winner. ~ ~ The will of the people will triumph this time around. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRIUMPH OF THE WILL NOTES: Adolf Hitler believed that every one should be equal. And everyone should receive free health care, plus a decent retirement pension. And all the guns should be taken out of the hands of the bad guys. And that all of the Jews in big international media and big international banking, who were lying and slandering him, should be rounded up and forced to take the gas pipe. ~ ~ Sure, they all claimed to be devout Marxists like him, who were in full support of social justice, etc. But the facts on the ground painted a whole different picture. "We were fighting for the wrong side..." Leslie Winn, 1969. ~ ~ "When I was growing up in Denver, we didn't have a problem with the niggers and the oakies... Only the Jews. The banks owned everything."

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