Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Last night I asked the Father in the name of the Son what was next up on MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO film festival schedule. ~ ~ Then when I was peeing a few hours later, I got a sudden clear impression of Steve Martin from out of the blue. ~ ~ Which was about the scene in ALL OF ME in 1984; where he was a high rise Jew lawyer guy peeing in a public restroom; who was possessed by the he/she spirit of a transgender homogaysexual, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FEEL GOOD NOTES: Last night I was starting to feel pretty good about that penthouse vault in DIE HARD filled with 640 big ones. So this morning I checked out Emma Watson's no.640 fake at BOB'S HOUSE OF PORN and found her holding a basket of fresh LUKE 21:29 figs in fig leaves at: ~ ~ Note the brown leather skin too, at: ~ ~ PS FOX NEWS: See what happens when you willfully refuse to report that Barack Obama is a well known homo? ~ ~ Nobody on the Internet even cares anymore that Hastert was also a high school wrestling coach homo once upon a time either; except for maybe George Clooney and Brad Pitt. ~ ~ Then years later someone like Donald Trump comes along and up and fucks you in the ass royale. ~ ~ "Life is like that..." [SMOKIN' ACES]  ~ ~ NOT FEELING IT NOTES: If you are still not feeling the burning yet; sit back in your brown leather chair and relax, don't worry. ~ ~ Be patient and wait for the primary vote for Trump happens in California, circa MY BLUE HEAVEN, at: ~ ~ All good things come to those who wait. ~ ~ For example, according to the revealed word at, there will be no lesbians in the upcoming Kingdom of God. ~ ~ THE 7TH SEAL NOTES: In DIE HARD, the secret code to the 7th seal bank vault lock in DC 77:7 is finally broken and cracked open.

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