Thursday, April 21, 2016


That mysterious serious man of the dark day 1290 period arrived in Royal London to stop the 'leave it' crowd on the same day that the [[REV.17]] mystery sex PRINCE in purple robes died in a DIE HARD movie set elevator scene. ~ ~ Because the tall blond TRUMP TOWER figure said on the same morning that Bruce Jenner can use the lady's room in his high rise penthouse any time that he wants. ~ ~ Just as long as he dresses up like a woman and wears makeup. ~ ~ In the exact same way that Prince always did; who also preferred to fuck only women. ~ ~ Ergo, that smart negro who broke the tall 7 mountains bank vault codes of high society in DIE HARD meets CHINATOWN is the same 1980s limousine driver sensation who was only known to us at the time as Prince. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DC 57 NOTES: The 1260 days 96 longitude line of Judah in D&C 57 runs up into the Twin Cities area; where the little symbolic prince in DANIEL died at 57. ~ ~ STOP TRUMP NOTES: Not gonna happen. ~ ~ UNDER CONSTRUCTION NOTES: The tall TRUMP TOWER in the 1980s Reaganite prophecy called DIE HARD is still under construction. ~ ~ THE DUKE NOTES: Donald Trump sports a fake Orange County, California, John Wayne Airport, tan line job for a reason. ~ ~ Like I said; wild stampeding horses and huuuge mama elephants could not stop me from voting for him in 2016. ~ ~ DIE HARD NOTES: The long blond hair guy with a crude touch is Ken Keisler. The guy from London at 33:54 is me. ~ ~ SYMBOLISM NOTES: See Prince's iconic logo that has a crucifix pointing down the the church of the devil. Even the same one that has Donald Trump's passover mormon temples trump horn blowing right underneath Ophra Win Free's iconic 'O' magazine orgazim symbol logo.  ~ ~ PS WARREN BEAUTY: Jesus guy. Everybody is getting really tired of waiting around to see your next movie, linked to it at; with still no movie poster stills at; you crazy old fuck you; at; ~ ~ Now every time that I see a picture of you I think about my long lost uncle Jim in Kirtland, Washington.

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