Thursday, April 7, 2016


The most painful Bible Belt twister happening that hit so hard on the opening day of THE MASTERS meets CADDYSHACK happened in Dickey, Georgia. ~ ~ Then that smallish 4.00 earthquake that made things happen in OCEANS 13 happened in Brad Pitt's Oklahomo state college country; just off of I-44 in Luther; west of the Lincoln County line. ~ ~ "There's nothing but queers and steers in Oklahoma!!" Says the prophetic Barack Obama commander in chief homosexual figure in AN OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN, at: ~ ~ Wherein my physical transfiguration forerunner hero in AMERICAN GIGOLO says, "I got nowhere else to go. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS KEN KEISLER: I dreamed today that I should watch THE BEST EXCOTIC HOTEL IN MARIGOLD on Friday night for your sake. ~ ~ You hopelessly aging San Francisco romantic you. ~ ~ However, now that I think about it. It might also be something that would interest Michael Savage too, not to mention Donald Trump, at: ~ ~ I recently did see the last one, costarring Richard Gere. ~ ~ But it was rather dissapointing to say the least. ~ ~ PS GLENN BECK: I think I'm starting to get what you are saying. ~ ~ You let me handle Donald Trump, I let you handle Ted Cruz. ~ ~ Kind of like it plays out for the good of everyone concerned at the end of THE BIG LEBOWSKI. ~ ~ PS PAUL ALLEN: Brad Pitt plays yours truly in the sequal. And I play the Donald Trump billionaire [CITIZEN KANE] remake figure role. ~ ~ Take it or leave it; that's the new deal. ~ ~ Plus, I get $500 cash in daily per dium, on top of my usual minimum SAG wage scale.

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