Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I finally get Neve Campbell in the sack in MEATBALLS after that scary campfire [SCREAM: 1-2-3 woes] story about the pirate with a bloody steel hook for a right hand. ~ ~ Much like in all of those Keira Knightley PIRATES movies. ~ ~ Ergo, Donald, Canada has now become a part of the Halliburton municipality on Head Lake; where the low budget indie film was shot back in 1978. ~ ~ For a CAMP NORTH STARBUCKS theme, circa 2016. ~ ~ Hence the Two Pines of Judah and Ephraim context in the inspired script; that ends with a dire announcment on the camp's PA system that it is now open hunting season for foolish little white virgins in MATTHEW: 25 and MOSIAH 29:29. ~ ~ And don't forget the prophecy in EZE.38 about Barack Ombama's dark skinned invaders who have come to make a spoil, in the middle of the borderless and unprotected heartland of lost Israel, like at:  http://www.foxnews.com/us/2016/04/13/fbi-offers-reward-in-missouri-theft-andy-warhol-prints.html?intcmp=hpbt4 ~ ~
 GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1973 notes: The final year of some future/past CIT in MEATBALLS is marked off on the year that Neve was born on 10.03. As confirmed by Tuesday's S&P 500 50/50 haft-time closing at + 19.73. ~ ~ "At least I got that going for me." CADDYSHACK, 1979-1980. ~ ~ MEATY NOTES: To the east of Halliburton is the latter-day-saints' Republican Party landmark at Elephant Lake; right off of a little place on the road called Baptise. The Canadian born Cruz being a Baptist and all that. ~ ~ Go a little further east, and you come to the Little Mississippi River. ~ ~ DUDLEY DO-RIGHT NOTES: In this Canadian prophecy about the Royal Canadan Mounty white horse rider Ted Cruz, the lost tribes of Israel LAmanites in the BM are played by a traveling dinner theater party of Jews from Brooklyn, NY.

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