Friday, April 22, 2016


DANIEL 9's little prince icon died on Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday for the same reasons that he sang about in his no.9 album entitled SIGN O' THE [OLD] TIMES, 1987, at, er: ~ ~ Hence, "You will be witnesses." whether you like it or not; says my royal British antihero prince of darkness [1987ish] Westwood, LA figure in the first DIE HARD. ~ ~ Who is infinitely more sophisticated and learned than my naive Kenny Kemp type brothers from New Jersey; such as Bruce Willis and Gov. Christie. ~ ~ Or at least that is how it looks in the movies. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DRAMATIC LICENSE NOTES: It's only natural that I also invest a little dramatic pence or two into my GSR/TWN postings. Since I AM is probably one of the top five surviving ham&cheese actors in the world right now in my age range. ~ ~ PS CHARLIZE THERON: Your many generous career boosting awards for playing me in MONSTER; back in 2003 when I couldn't believe that I had even one girlfriend left in world; is what still keeps me going to this day, circa 2016, at: ~ ~ You give Jesus a big hand up; He gives you a big hand. ~ ~ Note the enclosed 8:12 birthday girl time-stamp to boot. ~ ~

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