Tuesday, April 5, 2016


That party of 5 died in a fiery helicopter crash off of Hwy.441 in Tenn. on 4.4. ~ ~ In Divine confirmation of Never seeing that secret 666 combinations chopper at 44:00 into CLOSE ENCOUNTERS. ~ ~ On a related note; North Carolina's no.5 made it a 50/50 tie game at 74-74 in the last 5 seconds of the Final 4 finale on 4.4. Because the North Carolina state line divides the Smoky Mountains National Park exactly in half. And we are now entering into the first [Harry Potter] soil-sifting half of the ten virgins prophecy in CHRIS MATTHEWS: 25. ~ ~ Remember, there are 5 team players on each side of the evenly divided 50/50 basketball court. Who are competing with each other over a 10' high fish net metaphor. As seen in that bedroom basketball scene on the small TV internet screen in ANNIE HALL, circa 1976. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BANK NOTES: When I say that "I AM" is going to buy up the better half of the vineyards in California and Tuscany, etc. I mean that the United Order Credit Union is going to buy them all up. And then turn around and grant their legal titles of eternal inheritance to only the families that are called to own them by revelation from God. ~ ~ That way, we keep it all in the family of Israel; a.k.a. La Cosa Nostra.

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