Monday, April 25, 2016


DIE HARD ends with German opera singing in 40% phonetic [high elevation shift] Hebrew over the credits. For when Sandra Bullock carried her dying German opera star mother down the stairs in her arms to show her the newly restored House Of Israel's drapes and carpets. ~ ~ And her little adopted negro boy, who has a bright future in law enforcement and private security, represents the ending when all of those 'ARE YOU COMPATIBLE' one sheets are snowing down from heaven above for Christmas time, 2016. ~ ~ And no, darling, sweetheart, I am not sorry for anything that I ever said about you, positive or negative... "Because it's all true." Donald Trump. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NOT SORRY NOTES: I'm not sorry that I said that Sandy will be a strong looker well into her 60s. ~ ~ Even before she enters into the temporary physical transfiguration second chance period that lasts well over 50 years. ~ ~ I'm not sorry that I said her marriage to Jesse James was just what the doctor upstairs had ordered. ~ ~

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