Wednesday, April 13, 2016


The blacktop basketball courts at a LAmanite high school for teenagers in Huntington Park caved in on the same day that Kobe was sinking his last baskets for the LAKERS just up road. ~ ~ This clip illustrates the symbolic imagery of the historic Kobe, Japan earthquake omen on MLK JR day at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ [I have written virtually every single one of my GSR/TWN postings for the past 7 years while sitting on the edge on my bed mattress.] ~ ~ Since the nickname of the above giant meat balls star is 'Black Mamba'. ~ ~ For a second witness, it was also the day that the WARRIORS made no.73 victory history.  ~ ~ In confirmation of all those Neve Campbell 1973 things in MEATBALLS; which takes place at a lake in Ontario. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DOMINOS PIZZA TASTING NOTES: Still no word yet if those devout Bible camp Christians at DOMINOS [Founded in Cleveland, Ohio] are going to take my advice and offer marinated virgin olive oil on the menu as an extras topping. ~ ~ I only say this because last night I dreamed that Keira Knightley and I AM stopped by some hasty tasty pizza-by-the-slice joint on the Ave in Seattle. ~ ~ [Think LAGGIES meets me and her fucking each other on my restored vintage 51' sailboat on Lake Union any time that we feel like it.]  ~ ~ Where I noticed that MYSTIC PIZZA was playing at a revival movie house theater across the street. ~ ~ For whatever. ~ ~ She ordered a slice with two strips of crispy campfire bacon on it. And I ordered a slice of their eggplant pizza soaked in olive oil. ~ ~ Settle down boys. ~ ~ We cut in Carey Mulligan on the deal for 5 big ones, maybe I let you sink your cock into her throat for 5 minutes tops.  ~ ~ You should be so lucky. ~ ~ WET SNOW SKIING NOTES: Mt Hood, Oregon is famous for it's late season skiing. ~ ~ So what AM I supposed to do? ~ ~ Do I squeeze in an update of Colorado's spooky election season update of THE SHINNING now? ~ ~ Or do I just immediately jump into my new 4-DVDs box set that is about the death of 666 socialism, per Bernie's upcoming weekend in New York? ~ ~ PS BILL MURRAY: Please don't tell me that you never hit that during the after hours down time while you two were making LOST IN TRANSLATION in Japan. ~ ~ Lie to me if you must; but just make it work for me and the boys in Seattle for right now. ~ ~ We can worry about who is wrong, or who is right later. ~ ~ That is after Donald Trump is elected the next President of America in November, 2016. And even all of those filthy anti American Jews in New York could not stop it.

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