Friday, April 29, 2016


Yesterday at exactly 4:00 pm, God showed me his 21 blackjack casino hand of flesh and bone in DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, etc. And then He made a five finger [666 mark of the beast in the hand] count-down, one finger at a time, like a [down-for-the-count] Las Vegas boxing referee; starting from today to next Tuesday in I-70's Indianapolis, Indiana. ~ ~ For the 4 medicine wheels whithin the 4 flying high above UFO wheels spinning around and around in EZE.10. ~ ~ That one can even see from outer space on their R/M roadmaps in the CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND prophecy. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ JOHN WAYNE'S WORLD NOTES: Duhh!!. Of course John Wayne was a Jewish rightwinger, racially aware cowboy, who had a full size penis. ~ ~ THANK YOU JESUS!!... Let's all have another one. ~ ~ And Barack Obama's birth certificate is not a blatant forgery? Just because that back-sliding pussy-whipped Mormon teetotaler crybaby Glenn Beck says so on his retro 666s christian anticommunist midnight-rerun AM radio show out of Texas? ~ ~ See the crazy Light of Christ in the crazy latter-days on the crazy 666 Internet at: ~ ~

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