Saturday, April 23, 2016


Fuck FOX. ~ ~ How many times do we have to hear the warm and fuzzy phony baloney jive-ass-nigger words from the sinful "President Obama" before we finally get what the hell is going on with Bill O'Really and Glenn Beck, er. all? ~ ~ Jesus people! ~ ~ Probably 99% of your audience has access to the 666 world wide web. ~ ~ And at least half of them have enough unemployed down time to read it. ~ ~ Anyfuck, that penthouse [magazine] scale model in DIE HARD depicts the two sides of the I-35 east&west spread in the metro Dallas, Ft Worth twilight zone that form a huuuuge vagina icon that can be seen from outspace on the Larry King meets Clyde Lewis Internet radio shows. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS JT: How does your soon to be exwife feel about you hanging out with your niggers all the time, instead of taking care of business on the home front..? Just asking. ~ ~ PS LARRY DAVID: How about a talk show on satalite radio? ~ ~ I mean think about it. You wake up in the morning whenever you want. You get out of bed in your underwear and T; you put on your slippers and take a few steps over to your bedroom desk computer-microphone; your latest underaged whoever fuck buddy brings you a nice hot cup of your favorite GOOD MORNING AMERICA beverage; you get paid millions. ~ ~ Hey, whatever works to keep you alive until the time has also come for you at . ~ ~ "We will sell no wine before it's time." Orson Welles. ~ ~ PS MR.&MRS.COEN: It should be pretty obvious to you two by now that Donald Trump is more fucking Jewish than fucking Tevye. ~ ~ See what I mean at:
Note the Scottish tartan vest. ~ ~

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