Friday, April 15, 2016


Even the so called Jews who have brown eyes are at least 40% High Shift Germanic language Hebrews; starting from circa 70 AD. ~ ~ Hence, that blue eyed love interest in WEEKEND AT BERNIES looks a lot like the brown eyed girl Emma Watson. Who now looks exactly like Teri Kornblum did in 1985. ~ ~ And that reformed high society mobster, who just wanted to live out the rest of his filthy rich life,  had Bernie stuck in the butt with a small mosquito size REV.9 plague stinger. ~ ~ "You fuck me in the ass, I fuck you in the ass." Donald Trump, speaking off the record of course. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ BLOOD SUCKER NOTES: According to the revealed word at, in some cases it will take several generations of blood cleansing seasons before their great great grandchildren will begin to have blue eyes and white skin, like at: . ~ ~ PS FACEBOOK: I have never seen the faces of my two adult sons on FACEBOOK because I can't remember my password. ~ ~ PASSOVER NOTES: Obviously, those TOP GUN Russian jets that passed over the USS DONALD TRUMP destroyer in the northern seas of lost Israel was a Passover thing. I have had my share of quick number '23' flash visions. ~ ~ PS EMMA WATSON: This year's WEEKEND AT BERNIES in the Hamptons begins on a Friday; just like in the movie. And the [BLAME IT ON RIO] action on the beach starts to get pretty hot on 4.16. ~ ~ PS JESUS: Don't forget. You promised me that you would beat Bill Murray with his own sharpened campfire marshmallow roasting hot dog stick until he agreed to carve out a personal check for my first two low budget movies. ~ ~

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