Thursday, April 21, 2016


That devastating demonic earthquake on the REV.13:1 coast of Ecuador's 50/50 global positioning [GPS] dividing line was about the LAmanite wannabe country's anti-Nephite leader prophecy in the BM. ~ ~ Wherein the more wild-at-heart people who have been cursed with a dark skin, hate the less wild white skinned Americanos. ~ ~ These being the same peoples of the dark 1290 days prince "president" in DANIEL 9-11 and FOX NEWS; who is still desecrating the white Greek temple plantation house in Wash. DC. ~ ~ Because that's the way they like it. ~ ~ It doesn't get anymore cowboys and Indians than that. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DEEP SEE FISHING NOTES: Note the evergreen colored South American sea bass under my arm at:  ~ ~ Which is all well and good. ~ ~ Who doesn't like a nice Chicago size beef pot roast with heavy gravy and baked potatoes and carrots on the side every once in awhile? ~ ~ However personally, I find the smaller, so-called 'kelp cod' of the Pacific Northwest regions of Vancouver Island, BC to have a superior and more delicate "trouty" flavor. ~ ~ PS AMBER HEARD: I like you; and I like your boyfriend too; so now what? ~ ~ You sell me... I sell you.

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