Thursday, April 28, 2016


Prince died in a typical [two story penthouse high rise] elevator because the words to his huuuge 1980s Reaganite hit called LET'S GO CRAZY were all true, at: ~ ~ "I know you are, but what am I?" Pee-Wee Herman. ~ ~  And now we know that Prince himself got stung in the butt by a REV.9 scorpion stinger back then. ~ ~ Which he only found out about during the peak 1260-90 days period of the two witnesses in REV.11-13. ~ ~ He did live in the two Coen brothers' twin cities area; located along the Mississippi River, and all that shit. ~ ~ Get it? ~ ~ One of the Coen brothers has short hair. The other rather tall one has long hair. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CAMPFIRE GIRL NOTES: This one was about Miley Cyrus at Camp North Star in MEATBALLS meets GHOSTBUSTERS' giant Donald Trump marshmallow man who jizzed his huge load into her throat, at: ~ ~ LAST NIGHT'S DREAMY NOTES: After a series of depressive dreams about Bruce Willis being a nice guy egomaniac fascist; I dreamed that I was relaxing and having down time after hours cocktails at some high rise condo in the Virgin Islands with Cameron Diaz and Miranda Kerr. ~ ~ Wherein Camy ordered a white chard; and I myself ordered a double tall DEWARES white label logo on the rocks; and Miranda ordered some typical exotic girly tropics cocktail. ~ ~ No disclaimer needed here. ~ ~ Camy was already ready to go upstairs and fuck the both of us on the spot. ~ ~ Whereas, Mandy needed to have a couple more before that could ever happen in a million years. ~ ~ PS SIENNA MILLER: Don't restrict yourself to finding only acreage properties in Toscana that are red wine vineyards. ~ ~ Also check out the hazelnut orchards to the east and south of there. ~ ~ Even into the cattle raising grass regions that slope down onto the east coast. ~ ~ Surely, somewhere around there you will find that spring fed trout pound that I have always dreamed about. ~ ~ Do you remember that typical 1990s SEINFELD episode where Elaine gets talked into spending her summer vacation with a guy who looks like me in Tuscany, Italy? ~ ~

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