Sunday, April 3, 2016


It should be more obvious than it is by now. ~ ~But Donald Trump will be the next President of America. ~ ~ Per that REV.11 earthquake slot machine jackpot at the airport for 911 terrorist hijackers at the end of OCEANS 13. ~ ~ Which ends up fully funding the United Order Credit Union at With plenty of leftover cash to spare for your occasional sacramental $35 bottles of pinor noir. And those expensive little bits of smoked sockeye salmon after you get tired of fucking two of your wives at one time. ~ ~ Ergo, when Trump said God told him to run back in June, 2015, all of the political and religious factions who were bitterly fighting with each other, suddenly stopped what they were doing and united themselves in opposition to him. ~ ~ Just like they all did to the supposedly uneducated and simple minded Joseph Smith in upstate New York. ~ ~ What goes around comes around. ~ ~ You say that the BM is fake gold scripture. I say that Barack Obama's birth certificate is a 666 computer fake. Which is obviously at the heart of the matter right now; i.e. the white Nephites were usually better than the cursed dark skinned LAmanites who vote Democrat. ~ ~ Otherwise half of the mormon Republican Party establishment would still not be ignoring the fack checked reality of Teddy's Canadian birth certicate.  ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 70 WEEKS NOTES: Also keep an eye on the 1260/1290/1335 days callender from when the time that Trump declared he would become President back in June, 2015 corresponded with his birth date in the 1976 ANNIE HALL prophecy. ~ ~ Hence that AMTRAK train wreck south of 1776 Philadelphia on RLDS conference weekend. When not a single word was spoken about Joseph Smith's White Horse Prophecy. Just the usual apolitical and amoral pigeon bird crap about not hurting peoples feelings. ~ ~ ROYAL SIRE NOTES: That 6.9 in the Prince George Cult islands area was about the earthquake orgasms in OCEANS 13, at: ~ ~ REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT NOTES: One of the first things that I will do after Paul Allen, Bill Gates, and Dr.Evil give me 10% of their money, is buy up at least 90% of the better half of the best pinot vine real estate in California.  ~ ~ Don't worry. ~ ~ There will be plenty of full budget money left over to make any movie that I ever wanted to make after my French wife left me for the likes of Steven Hughes er all. ~ ~ THINKING MAN NOTES: FDR's legs were so pathetically weak and useless that he was confined to a wheelchair; and his ugly wife was an overweight Hillary Clinton type lesbian. ~ ~ Flash forward in reverse gear to Brad Pitt's EZE.37 skin and bones wife sitting in a wheel chair in CURSE OF CHUCKY....... ~ ~

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