Wednesday, April 20, 2016


President Trump leads the way and becomes a founding 10% member of the privately owned and operated United Order credit union at ~ ~ And those extremely valuable bearer bonds floating down from the top of the tall FOX tower in DIE HARD represent the new and more equal financial deal for the more faithful hard working folks at ~ ~ Where you don't always need a boat load of cash to pay for a few hot young wives and a nice 18" thick brick and stucco house on an acre or two of land. ~ ~ And yet it's still true; there is no such thing as a free lunch. ~ ~ But there is such a thing as a more affordable and reasonably priced lunch. ~ ~ Because the cooks and the staff there are only making $1 an hour, and not $15. ~ ~ And the best part is; none of them are bipolar excons, just out of jail, suffering from serious criminal behavior work-record problems. ~ ~ Who are just working there because that is the only job that they could get.  ~ ~ Ergo, Mr.Trump knows exactly what I AM is talking about about. ~ ~ Especially when it comes to hotel restaurant management economics. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ DARK TOWER NOTES: Just from an objective research political science point of view; probably 99% of the people who support the minimal number 15 wages-of-sin thing have dark skin. And the other 1% are mostly very rich white Jewish homosexual married men and their married lesbian wives. Many of whom hold prestigious Pulitzer Prized east coast ivy league college graduate degrees of one sort or another. ~ ~ For starters, see: ~ ~
PS BILL: Very nice work at: ~ ~ Let's do lunch; sometime soon. Maybe down in Tijuana, Mexico; under the radar, Mel Gibson style. ~ ~ Mel and I got the hot young talent.  ~ ~ And if you can come up with at least 10% we'll cut you in for a nice slice of the action. "It will be worth it." Says Jesus at . ~ ~

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