Friday, April 8, 2016


Probably WEEKEND AT BERNIES was some kind of a future thing about THE MASTERS weekend in 2016. Given today's master race hysteria in the liberal Jew boy comic book media about the fact that about 66.6% of the white men in the South are going to vote for Donald Trump;  Republican Party, no Republican Party, doesn't matter. ~ ~ Then we have the more inspired, and less contrived elements happening out there like; Sienna Miller's new Trump tower film began filming almost a year before Trump himself declared that he will be the next President of America. ~ ~ And the scary part is, everybody knows it, like at: Q ~ ~ "Some people just love scary movies, especially the funny ones." Neve Campbell. ~ ~ "I just made that up." Ken Keisler's noble protagonist, with the inner conflict look alike in SHAWN OF THE DEAD ~ ~ Oh well, at least we can all agree that the Roman name 'Augusta' is a Roman Catholic Church thing. ~ ~ Since in the 2016 CADDYSHACK prophecy about President Donald Trump, Catholics and Jews were not allowed to become members in the whites-only restricted country club. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FILM STUDIES NOTES: The level of humour in WEEKEND AT BERNIES is at about the same level in CADDYSHACK, at:
~ ~ For Christ's sake, have a sense of humor. ~ ~ "It's better to die with a smile on your face, instead of getting a knife in the back."

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