Tuesday, April 19, 2016


DIE HARD came out at the end of Reagan's two terms in 1988. ~ ~ Which opened with a shot of John McCain's bear-claw grip on his [B-52] airplane seat. And the traveling salesman guy sitting next to him suggests that he should go make bear feet claws in the dirty stained 1960s era shag carpet at his cheap old motel room; right before he grabs his big brown bear in the overhead; then they both together make a '9...11' prophecy in their own way about two jets crashing into two high towers in NYC; some 13 years later. ~ ~ Then we see John's ex sitting in a high-back brown leather chair, [probably a BU grad], at the brown skinned Chinatown Christmas Party in the tall tower. ~ ~ So they start to rehash their long running marital problems, over and over again, but get interrupted by a 1988's Ornella Fresh figure. Since my protagonist's estranged wife looks exactly like a freshly transfigured Mrs. CJ Nyle Smith. ~ ~ All of this unfolding in the pricey stonework setting set design of a high elevation ski lodge in Sun Vally, Idaho. ~ ~ Where the future APPLE iPADs in CJ's office match the futuristic touch screen security system in the lobby of the FOX tower in LA; complete with UFO lights hovering above it all. ~ ~ Where the hero got picked up by a jive ass negro Obama taxi driver of an Illinois LINCOLN limo at LAX. ~ ~ And we're only 16:00 minutes into the movie. ~ ~ Where the next line in the script says, "Speech time..." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ RECOMMENDED MOVIE NOTE: Another inspired President Trump period movie would be:
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Towering_Inferno ~ ~
PS MISS CARDIN: That precious sterling framed IPAD portrait of me in DIE HARD standing above my two sons wearing knitted [church of the lamb] sweaters, was taken by Paul Nestor himself back in the Reganite 80s. ~ ~ Even the same guy who was in charge of that innocent lambs theme photo shoot in THE WOMAN IN RED, at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Woman_in_Red_(1984_film) ~ ~

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