Friday, April 1, 2016


Trump has another huuuge prime time campaign advertising blitz coming out. Which will not cost him one red cent. ~ ~ "How's that for a slice of fried gold?" SHAWN OF THE DEAD. ~ ~ "Put that in your pipe and smoke it." MARX BROTHERS. ~ ~ Meanwhile, back at the ranch with David Letterman in Montana. ~ ~ The blue eyed chosen one in DOWN AND OUT IN BEVERLY HILLS is asked to go back home with his strange looking Jewish midget alien kin, with physiological birth defects, at Devil's Tower, is the one from the Indiana Indian medicine WHEEL INN map image on his Hwy.66 road map to hell in the first act of CEOTTK. ~ ~ Where the final 4.4 championships season of college basketball for lesbians will play out. ~ ~ Or as we see and hear the UFOs on the radar in the first act of AP:II, "Houston, we have a problem." ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SO WHAT NOTES: If the Supreme Court bans abortion, why shouldn't women who do it be tried for murder and burned at the stake? ~ ~ Yeah right. So what? Like that would even happen today. ~ ~ You do know of course that uber paranoidal people like Chris Matthews, and my Uncle Jim of Kirkland, are completely mad; not to mention Warren Beatty. ~ ~ SEE: ~ ~ Note the Jewish kid from Brooklyn Pee-Wee Herman outfit. ~ ~ Anywho, 7 people were injured when that 150' whale watching boat carrying 144 people, called ADVENTURE HORNBLOWER, crashed into a tourist dock on Thursday down in Paul Nestor's San Diego, at: ~ ~ LOOK ALIKE NOTES: That tall Jewish brunet star on the HUSKIES UW basketball team from Seattle looks like Sarah Silverman for a reason. Who prefers a tall dark and handsome man with a nice thick cock in the sack; rather than some ugly looking woman being there. ~ ~ Not that there is anything wrong with that. ~ ~ The exception always proves the rule, yada, yada... ~ ~ PS DAVID LYNCH: Did you earn your fishing merit badge at [Mel] Gibson Lake in Montana? ~ ~ Whatever. I didn't know that the Jewish Gary Shandling from Broolyn, NY was a Christian Buddhist. ~ ~ You learn something evey day in this life. ~ ~ "Sometimes life just up and fucks you in the ass." [REV.9 meets SMOKIN' ACES.]  ~ ~

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