Sunday, September 15, 2013


2007's Dutch film remake movie entitled INTERVIEW is a prophetic allegory about today's liberal media sack-of-shit con men liars. Who basically believe in the Marxist precept of, "By any means necessary". The truth be damned. ~ ~ Therefore, Israel is now going to die, and be born again with a new and improved genuine birth certificate. ~ ~ Talk about miraculous resuscitations. ~ ~ Meanwhile, whatever, ergo, since, when, and wherever, etc. etc. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ XXX NOTES: Last night I dreamed that the original Scottish 007 star of the 0014 ROD STEEL remake was getting eight blood transfusions a year on the third floor of that temple blood bank in GHOST. [Replaced with a pint of the pure mystical curative mineral spring waters from that little white house with the two two trout ponds that fed into the South Fork of the Provo River when I married my crazy French Holy Grail wife Laurence Pierson, circa 1974.] ~ ~ You got cancer? You're tired of of your herpes condition getting in the way of your middle-aged love life? No problem; just go to and sign on the dotted line. ~ ~ And give me half of your money too; ten percent of which will go to the Church of Mel Gibson up in Malibu. If you don't want your kids to die. ~ ~ WANDERLUST NOTES: I'm only about 30 minutes into the prophetic Jennifer Anniston hippie chick movie by now. Which means that I have about two thirds left to go. ~ ~ Never was able to see Sienna Miller's two Andy Warhol hippie chick movies. ~ ~ Hopefully sometime in the near future, I will get to see her strange G.I.JOE. movie about those mysterious UN military uniform forces who invade Syria and Iran. ~ ~ Since, because, ergo, therefore; all the special forces U.S. Navy Marines frogmen in THE LIFE AQUATIC prophecy wear the same light blue uniforms of the United Nations, and so on.

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