Monday, September 23, 2013


Could be complete bullshit. But I read on the Internet that the nut job host of GROUND ZERO recently had the two tumors [rumors] of Judah and Ephraim removed from his body. These days you never know what to believe. ~ ~ For example; on Clyde the Camel Toe's REV.17 woman wiki page it still says that Barack Obama's proven birth certificate forgery is nothing but a silly late night talk radio UFO fringe theory. Which of course is a completely correct thing to say. ~ ~ Like saying Bill Murray [Utah] had no business flying over to Thailand and fucking two 16 year-old girls at the same time. Before and after he was due on the set in Tokyo to shoot LOST IN TRANSLATION with a 17 year-old Scarlet Johansson playing a lonely and horny Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld. ~ ~ Not everything in the Bible is true, I guess. ~ ~ Not to mention the obviously true simple minded Book of Mormon. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GROUND ZERO RADIO PROMOTION: The first five foolish virgins who show up before my own private 4:20 pm screening of WE'RE THE MILLERS at Bonney Lake's TALL TEN REGAL THEATERS on Wednesday afternoon will get free admission; curtesy of Clyde Lewis. Afterwards, we'll all go over to SAHARI'S for a Dutch apple pie and milk Q&A session. ~ ~ PROGRAM NOTE: Special seating arrangements have been made so that there are at least five empty seats lined up next to me in the theater's back row. In order to accommodate my special invisible people guest supporters. ~ ~ In case more show up to my private underground screening than we had anticipated, there will be at least a ten-empty-seats section roped off for them in the front row. Using invisible ropes of course. Nobody wants to freak out the locals or anything.

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