Tuesday, September 3, 2013


Talk about braking it off gently, ahead of the curve, and then shoving it into the next [third] gear in the long curve. Michael Caine rides on top of Christopher Reeves in DEATH TRAP, when he is breaking Superman's neck with a bridle chain at about 39:... minutes on the future 2013 DVD. ~ ~ In confirmation of the long time Democrat Party activist getting his hands trapped in those leather hide cufflinks when he broke his stiff neck down in the Virginia, DC metro area in 1995. ~ ~ No wonder that the tall Jewish Church of England Episcopalian-raised actor fell in love with horse riding on Martha's Vineyard. ~ ~ Right there is the Rt.729 train to the end of the line in the 1982 movie about taking the last 7:29 train to Clarksville, USA. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LIMITED FAITH NOTES: Obama and Kerry's 'limited war' concepts that were born in JFK's Catholic Protestant dominated New England, were the false post WWII doctrines behind the failed civil war in French Vietnam. Which is why the upcoming civil war in America is going to be won by the polygamist Mormons. Who have no old testament type reservations about fucking more than one wife at a time; not to mention genocide and slavery. ~ ~ DEATH TRAP NOTES: The four "bombs" in a row that Michael Caine had in the above 1980s prophecy represented; Bush Sr. Clinton Jr. Bush Jr. and Barack Obama. The mad man bomber of the desolation of abombination in MARK13. ~ ~ In the above movie about Jerry Seinfeld and Steven Spielberg, the so-called 'Cliff' character actor was a 2014 fiscal cliff confirmation. ~ ~ So here is what you need to do right now. Deposit the [51%] bulk of your cash assets in THE BANK OF CANADA; and put the rest into gold. Minus the ten percent petty cash money that you owe me big time of course. Preferably payable in British Pound Sterling, banked in the Bahamas, under the fake birth certificate disguise of some multiple-picture deal bullshit in the name of my shady off-shore business partner Michael Douglas. ~ ~ Look at it this way; starting next year, there is going to be a major reduction/illimination in the current IRS tax rates. Therefore, ten percent of today's funny money will feel like nothing.

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