Friday, September 13, 2013


I don't know about you, but Barack Obama's "hopy changy thing" is working out just fine for me in spades; on a Jesus Christ meets Elvis-is-still-alive level. Thank you very much! ~ ~ Looking back now; It all started when I died in Provo, Utah in 1990, when GHOST came out. Where we see my landlord look alike doctor in the hospital who looks like Nyle Smith, while the clock on the wall says it's 12:25 Christmas season time. And then in my late fall funeral season scene we see Nyle's widow ghost 'C.J.' waving at me from the grave. ~ ~ Because in the 1990 hospital scenes, I had encountered the look alike ghost of Gordon B Hinckley, who told me that Barack Obama was not going to make it. And suggested that he would be pulled down to hell by the half Jewish ethnic devil darkie spirits because he was involved in the murder of his church choir nigger lover in Chicago at about 1:43... on the DVD. Who looked a lot like Whoopie Goldberg. ~ ~ GSR/TWN~ ~ GHOST NOTES: That is the ghost of Dennis Hopper who Whoopie meets on the third floor of the Bank of Babylon. Where she goes for her blood "transfusion" on the third floor of the LDS temple in Manhattan; strategically located next to Obama's prophetic Lincoln Center. Hence the movie's many royal PEPSI crown bottle cap motifs; for those who think young. Wherein Howard Stern is my SUBWAY sandwich franchise mentor. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SIMPLE MINDS NOTES: The simple minded comedic director of AIRPLANE and POLICE ACADEMY ended up directing GHOST for a Providential reason. ~ ~ We see the ghost of Bonney Lake's Bruce Troxell filmmaker-actor when Demi Moore goes to the police station with her ridiculous ghost stories about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ P.S. BRUCE: My HISTORY CHANNEL type cable tv series about the lost tribes of Israel still is an option for you. My word is my bond. ~ ~ SEATTLE NOTES: My prophetic invisible man figure in GHOST was a S.A.M. thing because his fiancéee was an artist. Hence, all those supposed Seattle based movies that are actually made up in B.C. where my actual wives live; like EXCESS BAGGAGE, etc. etc. ~ ~ UN MOONIE NOTES: The UN is now being lead by a Korean man named Mr.Moon. In confirmation of one of the two queer witnesses in DEATHTRAP suggesting that his half Jewish sidekick could be a moonie. ~ ~ Same thing as Sidney agreeing that it would be a scandal if he was living with an 80 year-old woman. And one of the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim agrees to tie one hand behind his back just to make it fare, yada yada. ~ ~ I AM I AM TYPO NOTES: You're God damn right that King Henry VIII was my latter-day overweight forerunner. I mean, think about it. That widow next door, named Demi Moore, has had at least seven husband [lovers] before me; and she still sees herself as a virtuous Hebrew Kabala new-ager wife who is above having three-way sex with the likes of Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus. ~ ~ Think Ellen Page goes to that Oregon hippie commune college for crazy organic vegan basket-weavers in WANDERLUST, the movie, and is shocked, just shocked! That all of the the the the women there love to get off watching her get off.

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