Sunday, September 29, 2013


Last week I dreamed that I was scouting around Alpine, Utah for a nice spacious house, with lots of bedrooms, for Ellen Page and her polygamist sister hippie chick wives. When suddenly Mel Gibson appeared driving down the road in a pickup truck, which he was driving erratically; just to be funny. ~ ~ Then I saw a high-flying RV with wings, full of old FDR type LDS church leaders, crash hard after hitting some tree tops near some small local airport. ~ ~ Just seconds after her and I were playing 'hide-the-cucumber'. ~ ~ Oh well, we can always finish the game later. ~ ~ Nothing like having something to look foreward to when things get kind of boring. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ UNDERAGED SEX EDUCATION NOTES: When a guy wants to fuck you in the mouth, just remember to cover your teeth up with your soft plump lips, and keep your mouth and tongue pressed down on his cock as tight as possible, without biting. ~ ~ PS SANDY: There was a mediocre 5.0 medium size ten virgins 5/5 orgasm sign in the Sandwich Islands area right after you showed up in the green room to be on the Jay Leno classic cars show. ~ ~ How about you buy me a free of charge mint condition 89ish German 911 PORSCHE, in race car green, and I completely forgive you for your disgusting and ignorant personal offenses towards me? Forgiveness is free of course. If you believe in Jesus. Or even if you believe just a little bit in his direct descendent who is his great great great.... grandson. A 911 for a 911 is still the law of Israel. ~ ~ Here's the deal. Ellen Page let's me drive her around and fuck her all I want, inside of her really fine looking used 1980s 911, which probably only cost her like a measly 15k, tops. Or you end up living alone with your dog; like some old used-up 1980s Hollywood star, somewhere up in the hills. ~ ~ Plus, Ms Page gets to have three natural born children who were sired by the King of England, and all you got is that little CURIOUS GEORGE monkey boy who represents your blind sided vote for Barack Obama; courtesy of Jesse James. ~ ~ In the last days, the little sisters will teach their bigger sisters a lesson or two.

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