Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Ace Bone asks, "Is Greg here?" at that bone-headed head-banger thrasher club; before he goes downstairs to my own private basement lair and gives me the secret New England clam chowder [wet vagina] code to my future underground MISSION IMPOSSIBLE operative. ~ ~ Who obviously looks like some kind of a 'man with a plan' nut job from the pre-conservative 60s. ~ ~ Then by golly Ms Molly, yours truly gets a date with the future physically transfigured 29ish Courteney Cox in order to attend that A-list party at Tom Brady's new ridiculous neo Italian [Super Bowl size] Venetian mansion out in the West LA area. [Think New England's ace quarterback, Tom.] This being the scenario's MISSION IMPOSSIBLE idea about me ever fucking Gisele Bundchen and Miss Cox at the same time in some kid of a 1994ish Thailand earthquake orgasm three-way sex-on-the-beach cocktail vacation. In confirmation of that time when I called Alison Roth from a pay-phone at SUSAND'S BAGELS in the U-District, circa 1993. Just hours after she had returned from Thailand with her balding virile looking fuck buddy who drove a SAAB at the time. ~ ~ And don't you deny it girl. I was stalking your every move with a video camera back in the 90s, just like in the beginning of STEALING BEAUTY, after I had attended your actors workshop in Seattle. ~ ~ While writing you all those crazy obsessed love letters on my private stationary. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PS: The Jewish Alison Roth had the exact same kind of large and high up tits that the Jewish Gisele Bundchen has. Plus she was always wearing those really tight jeans and sitting on a chair with her legs spread open. ~ ~ I was a complete goner from the minute I walked into her Seattle actor's lab dog workshop in 1990-1991. ~ ~ BIBLE PROPHECY NOTES: In the last days, Ephraim will come first, Judah will come last, like at: http://thingsthatmakemydicktwitch.tumblr.com/post/45316363074/haleyggirl-having-a-girl-on-top-of-me-in-the-69

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