Tuesday, September 17, 2013


NOTE: The crazy black shooter at bld.179 was given a pass by authorities, just like they have allowed Obama into the most secure areas of US government. Even though they know that his papers are all forged, and he is using a stolen Social Security number. ~ ~ Now comes the crazy unauthorized shooting spree in the middle east by a black man who is half Jewish; thanks to the crazy Jews who voted for him. ~ ~ NOTE: Bld.179 represents the '179' restaurant in INTERVIEW where the liberal media con man first meets the Russian named Katya, and a "shit storm" is brewing down in Washington, DC. ~ ~ NOTE: The Jack-hammering opening to GHOST is that huge black man swinging a sledgehammer in front of the S.A.M. in Seattle, at; http://www.centsibleinseattle.net/cms/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/seattle-art-museum.jpg ~ ~ NOTE: Katya falls down and sobs on her Persian rug in INTERVIEW. ~ ~ NOTE: The doors to Demi Moore's heart are finally opened in GHOST using a prophetic Barack Obama, Lincoln penny trick. ~ ~ The voices that Whoopie's Ms Brown character hears in her head were confirmed by the new 13 ghosts from the U.S. Navy command in Washington. ~ ~ GSR/TWN

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