Thursday, September 12, 2013


Don't worry about Barack Obama getting assassinated for a second witness to the 4.4 assassination of MLK. You white crackers are going to get assassinated before anything else happens to anybody. ~ ~ First things first. ~ ~ Think the Republican Party is laying in it's hospital bed attached to all those high tech 666 life-support machines. Which are going to suddenly get turned off when 2/3 of the Jews die in today's fake UN birth certificate state of "Israel". ~ ~ Because the ancient Israel of EZE.38 was the ten tribes kingdom to the north of Jerusalem; which was known as the Kingdom of Judah. If you know anything about the Bible, not to mention the Book of Mormon. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ POLITICAL NOTE: Obamacare will only be defunded when tax revenues collapse due to the explosion in the middle east that sinks the world economy. And so the fed starts printing even more funny money like crazy, to no avail. But here is the good part, the Jewish neocon Republican Party goes down in flames along with the liberal Jewish Democrat Party. For a win-win situation. Read 1NEPHI 13, etc. if you doubt me. ~ ~ CUTTING TWO EDGED-SWORD NOTES: I'll try to get to Michelle Rodriguez' MACHETE taco wagon prophecy tonight, God willing. Which looks like a movie about the white sons of Israel who are not afraid to kill the alien invaders of Texas and Arizona, and their kids too. I'd fuck that hot-as-hell lesbo bitch in a heart-beat, and her girlfriend too, a.k.a. Jessica Alba. ~ ~ KING HENRY VIII NOTES: My invisible man hero in 1990's GHOST prophecy keeps singing about the future King of England who has 7 wives; at least. While he sits upon his sofa throne and torments the likes of Rihanna and Julia Roberts. ~ ~ THE MAN WITH THE TAN NOTES: Last night, I watched that really cool indie film that was produced by FIRST KISS PRODUCTIONS back in 1996, released in 97, called EXCESS BAGGAGE. Which was about me fucking Evangeline Lilly on Vancouver Island, and her older Pam Anderson sister too. Both of whom have been looking for a spiritually rich sugar daddy who will love them forever and ever, and show them the way to eternal life. [Pam and Alicia are both crazy in the head, great in bed, animal loving monkey-sex type 666 vegan fascist PETA bitches, etc.] ~ ~ MEL NOTES: Guess who is about to become the new Pope Max the First in Rome. Which is no more crazy than the idea of yours truly becoming the King of England. ~ ~ Desperate people do desperate things; whether in London or in Rome, and even Malibu, California for that matter. ~ ~ Think Henry VIII aligned himself with the Pope in Roma in order to defeat the French frogmen, but this time it actually works out. ~ ~ As in Salem, Utah meets Salt Lake City, Utah. ~ ~ There is a Divine latter-day reason why God created California, the land of fruits and nuts. Not to mention Heirloom tomatoes, artichokes, and egg plants. [Henry VIII started up his own private Catholic church in England after he had decided that he didn't like what was going on in Rome.] ~ ~ Therefore think again, as in TEQUILA SUNRISE meets THE DA'VINCI CODE, circa 2014-2015. ~ ~ CHARLIE'S ANGELS NOTES: That angel who comes through the window in the beginning of GHOST was a WINDOWS MICROSOFT computer screen thing from the Seattle area, circa 1994.

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