Sunday, September 22, 2013


Jim Carrey's Big Brown UPS delivery man smart-ass jerk in the White House rescues Magan Fox's poochie at door number 311 in confirmation of Courtney Cox's 311th fake physical transfiguration image at: ~ ~ Wherein we see those 3rd floor endowment house temple veils in the background that are going to finally get rid of her saddlebag worries. ~ ~ I mean, get real. Who wants to fuck old people anyway? ~ ~ Not me. ~ ~ I like em young and skinny and fit and trim. Always have, always will, forever and forever. ~ ~ Time changes nothing in my world. ~ ~ And nothing is going to change in this fallen world until the amber-haired fair daughters of Israel get kidnapped and abused by that big ugly 666 monster who resides at door no.311 in the opening sequence to the ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE prophecy. ~ ~ Alrighty then. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ LDS FALL CONFERENCE NOTES: Ace shows up to the rescue when we see those two Mormon missionaries, and then the legendary [...NFL BRONCO II license plate] Bruce Troxell figure from BYU is introduced as we see the two brown vagina shaped football witnesses of Judah and Ephraim getting rammed and pushed around in the background by a bunch of giant niggers. ~ ~ GOD DAMN I'M TIRED OF BEING RIGHT ALL THE TIME! ~ ~ PARTY CRASHER NOTES: The crash of that "United States..." chopper in John McCain's Arizona, and the crash of that five foolish gay sailors chopper in the latter-day 666 Red Sea of Egypt and Sodom, was about the sudden crash of all those black helicopter conspiracy theory nut jobs who call into GROUND ZERO in the middle of the night. ~ ~ Think Clyde Lewis meets Clyde the Camel. ~ ~ NO, SERIOUSLY, NOTES: Even Clyde the Jew humper monkey man from Murray admits often times on 770 KTTH late night in SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE that he has a big head. ~ ~ And yes, seriously. I'd rather spend my lonely late night hours listening to Clyde Lewis on GROUND ZERO radio instead of watching David Letterman, or Jay Leno, and/or Jimmy Kimmy on tv. All of whom never have had the balls to openly talk about me, or take any of my phone calls. ~ ~ Think Rush never takes calls anymore from all those sports-bar guys who wonder why he is not talking about the known illegal alien homosexual murderer in the White House. Because the two witnesses are supposed to be overcome by the devil after their special 1260 days period would come to an end. And now comes the time to get rid of that nigger who has been screening all his phone calls; metaphorically speaking.

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