Sunday, September 8, 2013


Sidney's longest running play on Broadway, about God killing the wicked idolators in DEATHTRAP, feels like some kind of a sports stadium game terrorist retaliation thing. ~ ~ Oh please! Hollywood has been making movies about the 666 beast's man-child of the mother whore bitch in REV.17 ever since FDR came into office. ~ ~ So don't get all bent out of shape about 'Gregory Scott Relf's TWO WITNESSES NEWSLETTER' that exploded on the scene during SLC, Utah's KALL radio drive-time call-in talk show back in the 1990s. When 350,000 listeners heard first hand that the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim where now at work in the New Jerusalem of the new Sodom and Egypt. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ WORD PLAY NOTES: Stage plays can get away with being more wordy and nerdy; because words are much more cheap to produce than motion pictures. However, now that today's feature length films are all being shot on home video cameras, you finally get to make that prophetic fuck film that you always fantasized about making. And the best part is, you own the negative, since you paid for it out of your own pocket. ~ ~ P.S. BRUCE: I could write the first draft of a play [in about two days] about your brief period as the legendary Ace Bone bartender in Manhattan. Which miraculously time travels into the second act when you become the owner of THE MINT tavern in Sun Valley, Idaho. Don't doubt me on this one. The topless teenager casting alone would guarantee that we cover the nut in the first ten days. ~ ~ DON'T BE RIDICULOUS NOTES: Yeah, I know, Chloe and Hailee are probably way too booked up. So why not cast Dakota's younger and more sexier sister anyway? So you gotta pay her 20k a week, cash money. BFD. Plus, Miley Cyrus would also be more than willing to do it, if she knew for sure that I AM is involved behind the scenes in the project. [Start your theater previews in San Francisco if you want to get Woody Allen involved.] What? You can't imagine Miley playing a bar fly in San Francisco? Who is about to become the next major movie star of my own private upcoming Janis Joplin time-travel bio-pic; who you will pay for, lock stock and two barrels. "Don't be such an old Nelly." [DEATHTRAP]

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