Thursday, September 26, 2013


That expert equestrian Jew homo who was just assassinated through a WINDOWS computer screen on Long Island was confirmation of BiBi saying two times in the past two days that Iran is a Jewish East Hamptons DEATH TRAP thing. Hence, Savage's GROUND ZERO style talk radio program is now going to be heard all over Long Island; like it or not, come hell or high water. ~ ~ Big wow. Clyde Lewis is a big fat Jew who hates Mormons. Didn't see that coming. ~ ~ Meanwhile, the half Jewish King of England is going to hijack all of your best battle ships, and your best nuke subs, and park them somewhere around the ten virgins' New Zealand islands, and the Fiji Islands of Mel Gibson. ~ ~ Surprise surprise, that second shooter on the 3-way grassy knoll in ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE was a second major Texas assassination thing. ~ ~ Where everybody knows that Barack Obama's birth certificate is a cheap forgery. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ YELLOW NOTES: That homogaysexual horse-jumper was killed on Long Island, NY in "... a house with yellow shutters." sort of speak. ~ ~ KOREA NOTES: The tall 6'2" Mr Kim shot those two witnesses at SAVE ENERGY on Long Island, at the FDR mall, for the phony-baloney alternative-energy wind-mill House of Israel in 82's DEATHTRAP prophecy. Think WE ARE THE MILLERS meets De Niro's new "I-don't-know-what" movie made in France. ~ ~ NEGRO NOTES: The main reason why Obama should not be the President of America is because he is a half Jew Nigger. Not just because he is a secret Communist who is not even a U.S citizen; who is using a stolen Social Security number, or anything like that. What? You don't believe in the Bible, the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, or the Second Book of Commandments? Guess I was wrong about you. ~ ~ PS JERRY SEINFELD: If you don't feel like finding me my Long Island love shack and my restored evergreen Veloce car with brown leather seats to go with it, the God of Israel will find someone else to do it for you. Many are called, but few are chosen; as in THE DAY OF THE JACKAL meets THE LAST TANGO IN PARIS. And you are going to pay for both of these iconic remakes, shot on the cheap on home video, out of your own pocket. Otherwise the girl dies. ~ ~ PS MICHAEL DOUGLAS: Just an idea. Since you will probably be paying for my own big no.13 private Idaho potato prostate remake of LAST TANGO IN PARIS out of your own pocket anyway, circa 2014; how about Dakota Fanning as my under aged 17ish looking fuck interest in the new movie? So you have to pay her twice her asking price, cash money up front. As if you can take it with you anyway. [That 1990s look alike newspaper clippings [GSR/TWN] dude who lived upstairs from me and you in the above iconic movie represented me and you.] ~ ~ OK: In the 1969ish remake, obviously you're a bit older now, so we bring in Sandra Bullock and Courteney Cox, or maybe even Jennifer Aniston or Heather Graham as your double-the-trouble three-way love interests. So it costs you. Big fucking deal. Look what happened to you and Catherine Zeta-Jones when you told her that you were no longer interested in the boring gay ass apostate Christian monogamy status quo. ~ ~ OOPS: I forgot to mention Elizabeth Hurley and Gwyneth Paltrow. Probably because I want to keep them both for myself. ~ ~ Anyway, in my own born again private LAST TANGO IN PARIS: II remake-sequel-prequel, I would make that JACK DANIEL bourbon Kentucky guy living upstairs in my small BYU student apartment in Provo, Utah to be way more younger than I AM, or way more older than I AM, depending. Depending on the fact that Chloe Moretz maybe plays my underaged look alike nice-and-tight virgin ass interest in the new uncensored soft-porn flirty-fishing fuck film. That is if she gets ten big ones up front, no questions asked. Plus an extra ten points if she finishes the shoot, and sucks my cock.

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