Friday, September 6, 2013


Basically, DEATH TRAP is about God's justification for killing the wicked, and reenacting a more fare form of Old Testiment slavery. [What? You don't believe in the Bible? Guess I was wrong about you.] Wherein the niggers get just as much money and respect as the Israelites. As long as they don't step over the line that works both ways. ~ ~ I.e. "All men are created equal by God." according to the US Constitution. Therefore anybody who tries to usurp that fundamental eternal principle deserves to be shot in the back of the head with one of those black powder pistols hanging on the wall in DEATH TRAP, Abraham Lincoln style. ~ ~ In other words, the law of the land applies to everybody equally, Jew or gentile, no exceptions. ~ ~ This being my own private double edged sword in REV.19 that is hanging on the above wall from IN FOR THE KILL. ~ ~ Since the Constitution of The Republic of Texas even guarantees the rights of people in Catholic San Antonio, Texas to not bake any wedding cakes for homosexuals if they don't feel like it. ~ ~ Which is why I AM is already the king of the cowboys. And Ken McLeod's son of Israel is an MP down in Fort Hood. Where all the niggers and the southern white boys get the same fare pay and the same fare benefits, according to their rank, respectively. ~ ~ GSR/TWN NOTES: Cliff arrives at Sidney's alternative energy wind farm estate in East Hampton, circa 2013, bearing one of my 1990s newsletter envelopes; which contains the first draft image of my marred servant forehead scar. That I had mailed out to my 144 subscribers in April, 1995.

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