Saturday, September 7, 2013


Scripturally speaking, Stephen King stepped into his own wolf trap snare that he had laid for the righteous shortly after publishing BAG OF BONES in 1998. And by the time he got out of the hospital months later, he looked exactly like the same bag of bones that he had mocked in his earlier THINNER novel. ~ ~ This being that same small thin bitter-sweet book in REV.10 that we see lying near that D&C 86 wheat harvest arrangement in DEATH TRAP's double 'ten' ten virgins prophecy that came out in 82. ~ ~ Wherein yours truly ends up with a smash hit play that is going to make me and my gifted psychic girlfriends, "...a fortune!" ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PSYCHIC NOTES: Helga ten Dorp saw that small black man-child wearing buns on his ears because he might just refuse to hear what Congress says and go ahead and bomb Syria anyway; WAG THE DOG style. By now, everybody knows that he fucked the simple minded Girl Scouts who voted for him, like Scarlett Johansson. Who had no idea that he was not even a citizen of the United States, because they trusted the WASHINGTON POST and the NYT; not to mention all those morons on talk radio. ~ ~ There was a big dog that looked like a wolf riding in that mini van that rammed into the devil's backbone of Stephen King in Maine. The state that is shaped like a dog with his head cut off; if you turn your map book upside down. ~ ~ P.S. DAVID MAMET: I probably could squeeze in a brief three months run in your next play. Might as well keep myself busy and hone up on my acting skills; while waiting around for Michael Douglas to call me. Don't worry about the Jewish theater critics. ~ ~ AQUATIC NOTES: That gigantic Hawaiian shark volcano that they recently discovered under the REV.13:1 sea, east of Japan's LOST IN TRANSLATION location, was named after Texas. For the historic two witnesses volcano that is about to erupt in Mr. Owen's Texas. When he finally gets even with that small man with a German accent. Who is now running the white trash reality tv show in Salt Lake for niggers who hold the new and improved RLDS priesthood. ~ ~ NEIL LABUTE NOTES: LaBute is still getting fucked in the butt non stop by his feminist shrink therapy ex-wife in order that he would finally stop making plays that beat up on men; and start making plays that beat up on the women who don't support their men. ~ ~ Sidney tells his dumb wife in DEATH TRAP to 'stop hovering' for a future 666 hovering spy-drones prophecy. ~ ~ TRANSLATION NOTES: Looks like Keira Knightley is doing some kind of a LOST IN TRANSLATION meets 1982 MANHATTAN homage, at: ~ ~

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