Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Miley Cyrus's new chain-of-love video for swingers is the companion piece to Taylor Swift's recent swingers video, at: ~ ~ Therefore, I finally got around to watching Demi Moore in GHOST on 9.11; for the first time that it was in the theaters. When I died in Provo, Utah and then I hopped on an AMTRAK ghost train to Tacoma in 1990, for 90 bucks, one way, with full Negro staff at my call. ~ ~ Where I then became THE INVISIBLE MAN in Demi Moore's Holy Ghost prophecy about having a three-way with me and Rihanna at about 1:49:... minutes into my DVD copy. No wonder all my recent erotic dreams about the co-star of INDECENT PROPOSAL meets BEHIND THE GREEN DOOR. ~ ~ Wherein Arson/ial Hall suddenly appears in the iconic movie role playing Barack Obama, circa 2013. Asking us to not adjust the color knob on your 1960s era tv sets. Because there is no difference between colored people and white people, wink wink. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SPIRITUAL ADVISOR NOTES: This new pic of Rihanna in London, sporting that Demi Moore look in GHOST, is confirmation of her psychic abilities to commune with the invisible man in Bonney Lake, Washington. Who is the SMITH&CORONA typewriter Crown Prince of England in 2BC91. ~ ~ P.S. DENNIS WOOD: You get to play a very interesting and complex Barack Obama figure in an upcoming cable TV series. I'm psychic you know. [Jerry Seinfeld kept an old airplane hanger full of vintage mint condition ALFAs and AUSTIN MARTINS and LOTUS turbo 4-bangers right across the street from your apartment in the 1990s.] ~ ~ P.S.LIBBY: Don't forget about those hard and loud Holy Rollers who always got together on the sabbath right next door to your converted red school house on Vashon Island. And then you married that Jewish guy from Chicago who was in the sporting goods business; instead of me. Who was the first boy that you ever kissed, when both of us were still virgins. ~ ~ FUTURE GSR/TWN COMPUTER CODES: That little jerk in the GHOST prophecy goes berserk when he discovers that Sienna Miller had closed out her account in the Bank of Babylon; and moved her $4,000,000 to an off-shore bank in the British Bahamas. Plus the Tom 'Bradly portfolio' gets scrutinized at 1:24:40 when we see a prophetic R/M map of the New England patriots on the wall in the background. The key word in the movie being a "ditto" reference to the Josephite [Smith] witnesse known as Rush Limbaugh. That she can finally see and hear after that piece of sharp computer WINDOWS glass stabs the liberal NYC banker [devil figure] in the gut; which is shaped like the state of Florida. Where the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim [Joseph] are now living. ~ ~ FALL SEASON NOTES: Sam's funeral takes place in the fall in the above 2013 Holy Ghost movie.

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