Saturday, September 28, 2013


Crater Lake, Oregon looks exactly like a football stadium, that has been hit by an atomic bomb. Hence that new 7.7 earthquake island there that represents the London wizard known as Harry Potter. For the Potter County omens that happened with that ghostly bag of bones officially witnessing that gay wedding in Maine. ~ ~ You tango with the devil in LAST TANGO IN PARIS, the devil does the EVITA-ville tango with you, and you like it. ~ ~ Right there is 7401' Grouse Hill, for my 1974 socialist French whore-wife who was always grousing about me not having a serious government job. ~ ~ That cold hearted Italian missionary FFer wife who left my good buddy Donele Willy at about the same time in Provo, Utah, same thing. ~ ~ [He lived in a brick Masonic temple walk-up apartment behind Provo's Christian Science reading room Temple; Go figure.] ~ ~ Think Ken McLeod's old bag of bones mother probably died of cancer, or something. Doesn't really matter, he never takes me fishing anymore anyway. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ ASSHOLE NOTES: Ace plays the invisible stinky asshole man after he is perceived as being the anti-Christ to the anti-Christ in DAN.12 in ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE. Hence, Bruce Troxell feels like he has dozens of liberal media assholes climbing up his 'black hole' butt, circa 2013. ~ ~ BAG OF BONES NOTES: Boy George sang THE CRYING GAME song in confirmation of George Walker thinking that he was such hot shit for being an official witness to that gay wedding up in Maine. Right there in Crater Lake National Park's football bowl look alike landmark is the Whitehorse Bluff landmark about today's abomination of desolation bomb craters. ~ ~ Don't get me wrong now. I love the bomb just as much as my sidekick loves the bomb, maybe even more. Why else would my man ever had made that friendly phone call to the president of Iran? ~ ~ PS MD: Sorry about leaning on you so much lately. Just because I don't have any money yet from Mel Gibson. Who is still too hung up on the false doctrines of the new pope from Argentina to cut me a check for my next five home video fuck films. You'd think that the guy would know better by now; after being fucked for so many years by all those crazy women in REV.17. ~ ~ Anyway, I got at least four classic re-make screenplays by now that specifically involve you fucking underaged teenagers up on the deck of your Bahamas fishing boat yacht with twin VO/VO engines. ~ ~ PS OLIVER STONE: Would it help you if we cast Dakota Fanning as the slightly older Janis Joplin, and her younger sister Ellen in the slightly younger looking Texas teenager role? Personally, I like the Lindsay Lohan meets Miley Cyrus idea better; but you're the director. ~ ~ PS JERRY: Did you ever happen to see that movie called "WHERE'S MY CAR DUDE?" ~ ~ PS OLIVER STONE: Carrey Mulligan could probably do both of the roles in the inevitable Janis Joplin bio-pic; but only if the two Coen brothers were directing. But that would never happen.

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