Saturday, September 21, 2013


ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE ends with Tone Loc's final summarization of today's 666 situation, circa 2013. Whose rap song begins with my prophetic Tarzan the Apeman call to all my nigger-rich niggers. ~ ~ Including the simple-minded ones of weak understanding who listen to GROUND ZERO talk radio in the middle of the night. Confirmed by that strange orange and black T-shirt I'm wearing in the 1994 movie that says 'GROUND ZERO'. ~ ~ Even I, who is the smartest one in the room, didn't see that one coming ten years ago; when I last watched it on my 2-4-1 Tuesday special VHS VIDEO UPDATE rental tape. ~ ~ Obviously, Clyde Lewis was hanging around KALL radio in SLC, UT in the 1990s when I was a regular call-in drive-time radio show guest. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ GAY ASS NOTES: No coincidence that Jim Carrey's back-slider homosexual masterpiece was also filmed in Miami, years later. Per that Orthodox Jew monkey who dances on the Bible, [Book of Mormon] right before the film's fiery cleansing scenes. Wherein Jim Carrey vomits in the toilet after he realizes that the new Sodom and Egypt is now bearing down on the House of Israel. And he ponders the meaning of that Jew fink transsexual who is the little horn in the Book of Daniel prophecies about their fake gem of a "president" Barack Obama. ~ ~ Or should I say President Tom Monson? Who originally was very smitten by my ground zero [Utah] talk radio appearances; but then he was forced to cave into Gordon B Hinckley's yammering. [Think ALASKA's tall neo German half-Jewish Norwegian love boat captain jet pilot, Paul Garrison.] ~ ~ This being the scene in the the above movie wherein the Mormon Bruce Troxell figure gets thrown off of that tall white condo tower that represents the future tall white building in the low budget CARNIVAL OF SOULS prophecy about the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ GRAND SLAM NOTES: A-Rod got his record breaking symbolic 24th [leadership number] grand slam after the Sabbath had started during Sukkot. Sending the stitched up leather skin white ball over the top of that Masonite billboard; next to the PEPSI commercial, for those who think young, at: ~ ~ AND: For those who are sick of that spare tire on their waist, and those sidekick saddlebags on their 1960s hippie hips. ~ ~ PET NOTES: KP is in the house too; wearing a cute lost cats and dogs stiff necked collar, with no phone number, name, or address on it, at: ~ ~ KOSHER NOTES: That weirdo 1950s early 1960s duck hairdo on top of my weird looking shaved face in my above Miami vice Jew picture means that my dirty pet monkey sex man in the movie has fallen asleep; and is currently numbered among the-the five foolish virgins prophecy in the Jesus Bible about the coming of the Messiah. ~ ~ PS BRAD PITT & GEORGE CLOONEY: If those two Jewish New York society Coen brother whimps are still too stiff and too weak to fork out any of their surplus 10% cash money for your next risky and dangerous fuck film, look to me for the money. Not to mention the casting. ~ ~ PS JIM CARREY: Just because you have made over $100,000,000 as a famous Hollywood movie star from Canada, it does not mean that you get to do anything that you want to, just because you feel like it; and that includes annal sex.

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