Monday, September 2, 2013


It is definitely time to dissolve the brotherhood of the Democrat Party and the Republican Party; per the prophecy about the new Independent American Party on page 66 in Ogden Kraut's small thin bitter sweet REV.10 style book about the White Horse Prophecy. At least that is what the Supreme Court of Egypt is saying right now, at: ~ ~ In confirmation of that Masonic brick layer pyramid fireplace featured in the 1982 DEATH TRAP prophecy. ~ ~ Wherein the crazy psychic church lady from David Lynch's MULHOLLAND DRIVE prophecy rings Jerry Seinfeld's doorbell in East Hampton, and he thinks that it is STARBUCKS' future 'Latte and Relf' composite figure; at 44:15 minutes on the future DVD. ~ ~ But Helga informs him that the royal crown 'Corona' word play in Spanish stands for the evil "prince" prophecy in DANIEL. Who all of his immature spoiled brat Jew boy buddies had voted for; twice. ~ ~ Ergo, that Jewish windmill house on the garfish island landmark in the 82 film is the future setting for that small black man killer who will be such an alternative energy windbag. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ HOR\SING AROUND NOTES: Christopher Reeves bends and stretches his future broken spinal cord in DEATHTRAP at about 1:27:50; just after the thunder and lightening storm of the two candle sticks of Judah and Ephraim starts up again, big time. ~ ~ PS SEINFELD: Don't get all bent out of shape. Of course I will pay you cash for that converted love shack boathouse in Sag Harbor. I just need you to get it for me. And while you are at it, I would prefer that you find me that 69ish VELOCE in race car green, with brown leather seats. [Nothing handles like an ALFA in 3rd gear.] You can email my own private all-aluminum 4-banger mechanic at if the engine needs a little work. He being one of the only dudes left in the world who knows how to do it right.

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