Monday, September 30, 2013


Josh becomes Mr Big in SEX AND THE CITY, circa 1988, after he encounters that Barack Obama darkie devil figure wearing muslim head gear at a fly-by-night CARNIVAL OF SOULS setting in NYC meets SLC, UT. Who is opening his mouth over and over as if beckoning the little Jewish boy to let him suck on his cock for a George Washington head quarter. ~ ~ Ergo, the kid from Cliffside, NJ, for that triple Cliffside, Texas train wreck on the same Wednesday that the Bush's BAG OF BONES from Maine came out of the neo con closet. ~ ~ [Neocons are half Jewish half asshole Republicans.] ~ ~ But anyway, Maine's Jew bitch Republican Senator Snow is/was a Snowflake dolphin bitch dog thing, who now looks like a Nancy Pelosi type bang of boners, at: ~ ~ Therefore, BIG's little Joshua gets a fake Social Security number just like my sidekick in the new Greek homosexual White House temple did when he was a 13ish boy growing up in Hawaii. Which was extracted for him by his old grandmother who worked in the state's probate offices. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 911 NOTES: They started calling 911 in Mel Gibson's Area Code 310 right after I had logged my new 911 justice posting Sunday afternoon. ~ ~ Something about a high flying private Idaho [RV] jet from Demi Moore's Sun Valley area crashing into that hanger full of classic cars. Like this one at: ~ ~ CLAIM JUMPER NOTES: Claiming that you own Janis Joplin is the same thing as claiming that you own Courtney Love; which I do. Laugh all you want to out of your gay-assholes; I also own Drew Barrymore and her crazy sister half-wife Cameron Diaz too. ~ ~ At this rate, I'm probably going to need a big airplane hanger full of sexy sports cars just to keep all of them happy. ~ ~ BIG NOTES: The iconic Ronald Reagan 1988 prophecy entitled BIG comes to an end in fall. ~ ~ OLIMPIC NATIONAL PARK NOTES: Maine's Senator Olimpic Snowflake doll-fin figure who looks like Alison Roth also claims that she is Greek Orthodox Christian; "I haven't laughed so hard since I was a little girl!" Dr Evil, per: ~ ~ 2014 GREEK TEMPLE NAZI PRESIDENT NOTES: Did I forget to mention that reborn Nazism is the third way shining path to the future? Since at least half of those new young virile Nazi Greek asshole motherfuckers are a bunch of olive skinned gay basher darkies. Who look like they would have no problem fucking two women at a time.

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