Saturday, July 27, 2013


91's WHAT ABOUT BOB? prophecy ends with that future crazy GSR/TWN blogger who is driving the arrogant intellectual Jews crazy on a green lake. To the point that the only thing that is going to finally cure them is the surprise born-again birth certificate birthday party explosion at the end of the movie; which would also include Dr Michael Savage and Michael Medved et al. ~ ~ This being the same [Holy Ghost white orchid] Michael in the GREASE II sequel about me finally going back to school and hooking up with Sienna Miller in some backyard bomb shelter's secret underground shag pad. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ MAGIC ON THE [radio] MIKE NOTES: McHammer wears burnt orange harem pants in his prophetic Sienna Fuck [SF] video. Now being confirmed by the roll-out of her new harem wife belly dancer movie; that starts off in Chicago, and ends up happening around New Mexico's many Casablanca UFO landmarks on your RAND McNALLY road map book of Judah and Ephraim. ~ ~ The fact that my crazy motherfucker in the above movie ends up becoming Evangeline Lilly's new daddy in the end was just confirmed by that 5.1 earthquake west of Bull Harbour, BC and Cape Caution, BC. [B.C. standing in for Obama's LOST, Hawaii tv show birth certificate.] ~ ~ 666 IDOL NOTES: This crazy liberal Jew lawyer report might help such tough guys on the radio as Michael Savage actually toughen up a little bit more. Most of whom are still too weak to admit that there is a significant difference between the Negro and the Caucasian, at: ~ ~ And therefore the Negro sons of Ham should not hold the same priesthood birth certificate rights of Ephraim. [Think fake LDS temple recommend certificate, etc.] ~ ~ SURPRISE BIRTHDAY NOTES: There was a strong 6.2 earthquake in the Sandwich Islands on Sandy's certified birthday birth certificate day. Based on her directing debut movie entitled MAKING SANDWICHES. ~ ~ See: ~ ~ ICONIC NOTES: The mean spirited liberal Jew who is going out of his mind in WHAT ABOUT BOB? is named Leo; which means lion. For the historic emblem of the tribe of Judah. ~ ~ BLUE NOTES: Woody Allen's new Bay Area movie is confirmation of McHammer's dancing machine in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND's GONG SHOW prophecy. Wherein my sidekick nigger sings about his magical performances, "...from London to the Bay..." ~ ~ TWO WITNESSES NOTES: The twin brothers in ADAPTATION, who are very different, represent the two witnesses of Judah and Ephraim. Both of whom are now living down in Florida. And who come to a meeting of the minds while hiding from the liberal 666 beast behind that fallen genealogy tree of Israel. On location down in the filthy flooded swamp waters in the REV.12 prophecy.

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