Thursday, July 18, 2013


There are a lot of smart good people who work "below the line" for that Jewish cunt bitch who is now controlling the NYT. Many of whom are at least half Jewish. So I'm thinking that the Bible prophecy in ZAK about two thirds of the vexatious Jewish women dying in Israel is probably going to be played out on a parallel level in Manhattan. ~ ~ In other words, forget about the niggers who hate white Americans, and start worrying about the born again 666 half Jews who hate Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern. ~ ~ Think Mel Gibson on the right shakes hands with Michael Moore on the left; 666 one half dozen, the other. ~ ~ Both of who are devout practicing Roman Catholics who grew up in the eastern regions of America. ~ ~ You fuck with the white latino Texans mentioned in the Christian Book of Mormon, you get the long horns. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ NO.9 NOTES: I tried to post a photo of this new blue balls outfit on my famous 900 phone call fantasy wife over at JJ, under my ongoing no.9 wife thread; in confirmation of Detroit just filing for Chapter 9 etc. etc. But it refused to appear, so here she is here at: ~ ~ WARNING: That ominous hippie chick theme song in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND corresponded with the many warning messages from God that I have received over the years regarding Evangeline Lilly. Wherein God has let me know, more than once, that I need to be especially careful when it comes to my Canadian wives who only live a short drive from me. Ergo, I must be just as carefully discrete, and on the down low, with my God given lovers as my sidekick is who is now living in the new WWII Nazi era CASABLANCA. ~ ~ RACIST NONSENSE NOTES: Who gives a shit if some racist motherfucker kills some other racist motherfucker. The only thing that should matter in a free America is if the motherfucker had a right to do so in self defense. ~ ~ 50/50 NOTES: Last night, I got half way through HUGO, which was enough to understand that Miley had just arrived in London in confirmation of the film's Miley look alike figure. Who obviously is over the moon for yours truly. Sketched out by a mysterious museum piece by the surname word play that clearly means 'Miley'. Think Woody Allen's 20 year-old Moonie faced virgin bride wife meets my own crazy C-looney full moon wife. And I can say that without even having watched the end of the 2010 movie. Wherein Chloe's plump underaged lips are enough to keep me replaying the thing up until something else comes up on Gisele Bundchen's 7.20 birthday anniversary of the first 42 months period.

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