Friday, July 26, 2013


Check out those prophetic Utah mormon polygamist harem pants on my 1980s style Mr.Hammer nigger sidekick at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Talk about going back to the School of Prophets in MY OWN PRIVATE IDAHO [2BC:91] revelation; about yours truly completing his home-study BYU degree, over the past ten years. ~ ~ Ergo, MC Hammer suddenly became as nigger rich as the new 13th RLDS apostle Barack Obama, and then he spent himself into nigger rich bankruptcy; Detroit, Michigan style. ~ ~ In other words, if you believe in the false prophet, and you worship the new beast's 666 idol, and you let the dragon [devil] into your house, you get the little horn of the devil prophesied of in DANIEL 12. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TRAIN WRECK NOTES: MC HAMMER's video prophecy ends with a great ROD STEELE 0014 shot. ~ ~ Spain's St James train crash was also about my Green Lake dream about calling Gwyneth Paltrow in July. Who has always had such a special love in her heart for Spain. [Think Ms Picasso's jewelry line for TIFFANY, etc.] ~ ~ DIRTY JEW NOTES: San Diego's mayor is a Jew. What else is new? The Pope is Catholic? ~ ~ PS JESSICA BIEL: I like you. You like me. So why shouldn't you and I be fucking me and my wives behind your boring as hell gay ass husband's back? The sexual fantasy about you being married to him would just make the backdoor sex all that much hotter.

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