Thursday, July 11, 2013


My Gwyneth Paltrow dream narrative that was set along the grassy banks of Green Lake in Seattle took place in some future summer paradise in the month of July. Therefore the CARNIVAL OF SOULS actress wished to make her most intimate desires known onto me at this time of the year, at: ~ ~ Think STEALING BEAUTY meets STEALING BEAUTY. ~ ~ Telephone call from Jesus anyone? ~ ~ Whatever, it's enough to make one wonder if Bernardo Bertolucci should be the one to direct my debut [SHAMPOO II] fuck film, financed for a rock bottom bargain price by Mel Gibson et al. ~ ~ Which I would only agree to if I get 10% off the top. Think $5,000,000 tax free, even after tithing. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ TEN PERCENT NOTES: Mel Gibson's California mission style stucco church above the 7 hills of Malibu will get ten percent of everything, even before off-shore taxes. ~ ~ TALK RADIO NOTES: This report is about today's Christian and Jewish conservatives who are riding backwards in the saddle. Who love to walk the walk, but don't love to talk the talk, at: ~ ~ I'm this/close to watching Mel Gibson's RANSON movie prophecy, except that it looks sooo depressing; from a personal point of view. ~ ~ GREEN RIVER NOTES: The Green River killer was the inspiration behind Bertolucci's green water swimming pool scenes in STEALING BEAUTY. [Note the stone construction.] Where Lucy finds that piece of Emerald City, Green Lake gems jewelry reference to ROMANCING THE STONE. Great minds think alike and all that. ~ ~ PS KENNY: Your best friend lives in the Emerald City in confirmation of your filthy hands-on prophetic look alike jerk womanizer in STEALING BEAUTY. ~ ~ Think Geraldo Rivera meets Bill Clinton. ~ ~ FAT ASS BITCH NOTES: That silver and bronze plate hanging above that ugly bitch who is presiding over the nigger shooter case represents the trophy platter that is given every year to the women's champion at Wimbledon. Since this year's female champion was kind of a half Irish Italian type Rosie O'Donald figure with fat arms. GP's above SAILOR DOG link indicates quite clearly that she is getting tired of being married to a bisexual. ~ ~ PRODUCTION NOTES: Bertolucci might want to consider buying, or renting, that very same yacht in the above Gwyneth Paltrow story, just for shits and giggles. Like they say, publicity is everything. ~ ~ PICTURE THIS NOTES: It's 2013, and there is a new MAD MAX movie coming out, filmed in South Africa. Plus, Bernardo Bertolucci is making some new remake movie co-starring yours truly as Orson Wells, the famous 1970s paperback romance novelist. Who is legally fucking Chloe Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld at the same time on a sailboat off the coast of Vanuatu. Where the locals see him as some kind of a Divine sexual sire from England. ~ ~ I see Cara Delevigne and Dakota Fanning playing two stranded hippie chicks that we rescue on a South Seas beach somewhere. Who had been kidnapped as white sex slaves by some Asian billionaire who runs an underground empire of designer knock-off merchandise, that includes fake passports and birth certificates.

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