Saturday, July 20, 2013


That crazy-as-a-bat liberal Jewess media icon died at the same time that I was watching ADAPTATION for the first time ever, in confirmation of the anniversary of the opening of BATMAN in Barack Obama's own private Rocky Mountain High state. ~ ~ Wherein the crazy middle-aged liberal lady who writes for THE NEW YORKER suddenly fell from grace, and no one saw it coming in the screenplay's first draft. ~ ~ GSR/TWN~ ~ FIVE VIRGINS NOTES: Cara Mia showed up in London wearing a sexy pair of same-age fuck machine railroad pants, at: ~ ~ The difference being that Cara has probably never been fucked as many times as Miley has been fucked, if in deed she has been ever fucked at all. Since Cara is just a little bit smarter, and a little less foolish, than the average bear. ~ ~ PS BARACK OBAMA: The reason why you have been stalked and profiled all of your life by the Israelitish white men squares, just like Trayvon was, is because they know in their heart of hearts that you are a negro style half Jew con man who is not even a US citizen. [Think David Lynch shakes hands with Hitler.] ~ ~ FIRST DRAFT NOTES: My twin brother roommate cheater Ken Kemp insisted that I sneak into his McKee screenwriters' seminar in Santa Monica back in the late 80s. ~ ~ However. Even though I knew that it was technically the wrong thing to do, somehow I knew that it was also the right thing to do. So we both walked into the hotel conference room and sat down; and immediately Mr McKee looked right at me, knowing full well that I had not paid him the usual $400 fee to be in his class. But then he smiled at me as if to say, that's OK, you are the exception to the rule. ~ ~ [Back then I had moved into Kenny's Palms LA district swingers era 1970s [limestone paint job] apartment complex, with two hot tub fucking pools, without paying any rent.] ~ ~ ADAPTATION SCREENPLAY NOTES: The 2002 movie poster art for ADAPTATION was a marred servant prophecy about Chicago's Mr Ebert film critic getting half of his face cut off, from the jaw down.

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