Friday, July 19, 2013


The newly discovered 'comet of the century' is supposed to manifest it's brilliance exactly on Thanksgiving Day this year, according to: ~ ~ Since I saw Miley show up in London, and then I saw her figure juxtapositioned by my future 666 iPAD machine at the very last moon lit shot in HUGO [Huge O]. Because in her new London arrival scenes, she is pictured wearing a train conductor's outfit, while she walks across a railroad tracks pile image, complete with metal rib cage rings that represent her steel 211 robot fucking machine in HUGO, at: ~ ~ For a second witness, see the new pix of Evangeline Lilly kissing my special super duper July 20th [strawberry dick] iPAD icon at: ~ ~ Which depicts the two genealogy trees of Judah and Ephraim, that were used to make a chainsaw tree trunk portrait of Lucy in STEALING BEAUTY, at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ 1960s PEACE CRAP: Only someone who is as crazy and arrogant, and self righteous, as a John Kerry, or a Jimmy Carter, would believe that there will be a new peace accord in REV.17 Israel. [Think Jim Carrey shakes hands with the third-wayer Pope in Rome.] ~ ~ Which is the same thing as Michael Medved et al continuously beating the dead horse idea of a "President Obama" being the legitimately elected leader of America. ~ ~ "The mind boggles." Steven Soderbergh, director of SEX, LIES, AND VIDEOTAPE, at:,_Lies,_and_Videotape ~ ~ I saw a secondhand copy of ADAPTATION Friday afternoon at GOODWIIL, so I grabbed it. Because it reminded me that Miley had also recently made a STEALING BEAUTY type movie down in Louisiana; both of which I have never seen before, at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ AND: Miley's recent unisex man-love SHAMPOO look has been inspired by Jesus. In order that we could see more clearly that the golden robobabe figure in [Huge O] was about me having hot sex with girls who look like boys, per: ~ ~ Think Craig Ferguson keeps making fun of New Scotland, Canada's new Ellen Page Hollywood movie star; until she finally decides that about the only thing that could possibly help the guy understand what the fuck is going on at this point in time, is a really nice and hard man-love blow job. After the show in the green room, before he goes home to his Jewish cunt of a wife. Just to let him know what he is missing. See:

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