Thursday, July 25, 2013


That Spanish bulls style HUGO train wreck in the curve was confirmation of my recent Miley Cyrus postings about Cara Delevigne's hot pussy pants in STEALING BEAUTY meets ADAPTATION. That was just double confirmed by the news that Obama's nigger at the DOJ is trying to mess with all those 2NEPHI:8 longhorns in I-35 Texas. ~ ~ Therefore, the new Mel Gibson style third-way Pope from Evitaville was in BLAME IT ON RIO at the same time that the train to the Festival of St James came to a sudden end. ~ ~ Because so many of today's Catholic Mormons don't know Jack about the Antichrist verses in JAMES I&II. ~ ~ You fall asleep at the wheel, you get the big wakeup call from Jesus. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ FUCK FILM NOTES: You don't get to be in any of my upcoming fuck pictures if you do not love Jesus. Per my royal rod of Judah marred servant figure who sits down on his throne in the 1970s CAR WASH prophecy; and has no problem with being paid in cash. ~ ~ Here is some video of those sexy curves on Miley et al, at: ~ ~ DEATH NOTICES: That reeking dead corpse ghost flower from Obama's native Indonesia started to get a really big boner last Sunday in Wash, DC, at: ~ ~ Just before the abomination of desolation embarked on his latest fascistic carnival barker-agitator tour of today's Sodom and Egypt in REV.11; where also our Lord was crucified in ancient times. Ergo, Thursday's DOW 15555.61 closing confirmation of that huge O bonner icon in DC that is 555' high. Where Mr.61 himself is now in charge of the Casablanca. Thanks to Glenn Beck and Michael Medved et al. ~ ~ NO KIDDING NOTES: I actually do get to make any naked Isaiah type XXX fuck film that I feel like, for thee years, after we see the two witnesses laying on the street in REV.11 meets CARNIVAL OF SOULS. Plus, I get to keep all the cash money; minus the ten percent that goes to Mel Gibson's rogue operation church-temple in the hills above Malibu. Don't worry people, I know a thing or two about camera angles, lighting, stand-ins, and special effects; that can make a fading 40+ star look just like a rising star in her 20s, buck naked to boot. ~ ~ Trust me, you are going to like the way that I make you look, when you come loud and hard in the arms of a Taylor Swift, or a Kristen Stewart. As long as the money is right.

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