Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Michael Medved said that the nigger who Mr Putin shot was just minding his own business, in his Wednesday afternoon opening monologue. Which is the exact same crazy motherfucker thing as Glenn Beck would say about Barack Obama being a natural born US citizen, like at: ~ ~ You lie like an ugly Jew queer nigger, you die like an ugly Jew queer nigger, metaphorically speaking. ~ ~ For example, just after Andy Murray won Wimbledon, a water main erupted in the high elevation location of Murray, Utah that represented that water gusher on Highland after the ROLLING STONE asshole hit it with his super duper new Germany MERCEDES BENZ fascist born again birth certificate icon, at: ~ ~ You Jew me, I Jew you. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ SHE'S HAVING A BABY NOTES: This report is about Car-rey Mulligan's look alike baby buying me my own private restored AUSTIN MARTIN, at: ~ ~ This new Lopez cover is about waiting to know who is your Holy Grail bone daddy, at: ~ ~ Note the emerald cocktail ring NYC apprentice jewelry piece reference to STEALING BEAUTY. Per that older jerk with the GSR/TWN hairline who starts to hit on Lucy, and never gives up, beginning in 1996. ~ ~ MOTHER FUCKING ASSHOLE JERK WHO LOVES TO FUCK SKINNY GIRLS NOTES: Virtually every actor who is role playing yours truly in the 1996 missionary man prophecy, called STEALING BEAUTY, is wearing evergreen. Per: ~ ~ Hence the film's Olympia, Washington song performed by HOLE. ~ ~ "MONDAY MONDAY... CAN'T TRUST THAT DAY" NOTES: Never trust Monday, says the iconic 1960s hippie chick song. Because on Monday at 11:15 pm, Jesus asked me, "What are you doing Saturday?.." ~ ~ MISSIONARY NOTES: When I was living in Siena, Italia, I got a four weeks old letter from Kit Winn that informed me that my replacement step-father in STEALING BEAUTY had died. ~ ~ JB NOTES: My boy JB was pissing into a prophetic mop bucket when they caught him telling that half Jew liar Bill Clinton to fuck off, per:

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