Monday, July 8, 2013


In my world, the older 29ish Tommy Bahamma guys also get to enjoy fucking a couple pair of teenage girls. Just as long as they also take care of business with their older, still good looking wives. ~ ~ So don't worry for now about your local 666 government making all this stuff illegal; because now come the great STEALING BEAUTY tree trunk whippings in REV.15. Wherein the "7 angels having the 7 last plagues..." are going to shut them down and shut them up forever and ever. ~ ~ In the 1996 Bertolucci art film prophecy, we hear the opening act's song about the 2BC91 King of England who once was a mormon missionary in Siena. Playing over those scrapbook images of the happy blond mother sitting atop my royal sofa throne, etc. etc. ~ ~ Ultimately, STEALING BEAUTY is about sexual virtue. And about waiting for God to let you know when it is ok to make love with the only daddy who belongs to you. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ REV.15:6 NOTES: "And the seven [teen] angles came out of the temple, having the seven [STD] plagues, clothed in pure and white linen, and having their breasts girded with golden girdles." BEAUTY NOTES: That really depressing little book in STEALING BEAUTY is the same small thin book in REV.10 that represents "The Book of Revelations"; more accurately named THE REVELATION OF ST JOHN [DEPP] THE DIVINE. ~ ~ At about 48:... minutes into the Siena, Italia DVD, Lucy writes a personal diary note to yours truly, that discloses her most intimate feelings about me. ~ ~ The Divinely inspired 20 years period in STEALING BEAUTY stands for the time span from 1993 to 2013. ~ ~ Note the sports stadium spectators sculpture right when Mr Saab arrives. How depressing, yet so enlightening. For a sweet and sour REV.10 thing. ~ ~ "I think the time has come." says her secret art film daddy. ~ ~ That mysterious unidentified older man who was video taping her tight-jeans pussy on the airplane, and then on the train to Siena, was me of course. For all those future look alike porno clip pix on the Internet, circa 2013. ~ ~ CUTTING TIME NOTES: Those two chainsaw tree trunk sculptures about the Messianic fly fisherman in Bonney Lake, Washington are about when he would be revealing the true meaning of the STEALING BEAUTY movie, that was released in 1996. ~ ~ Think David Lynch also has a shop out in back of his Branch Davidian compound up in the hills. Where he loves to make all of his artistic wood furniture sculptures. ~ ~ THE CLAPPER NOTES: Looks like daddy gets the clap in this new Mr McCool video, at: ~ ~ Last night at 6:12 am, somebody rang my doorbell, loud and clear.

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