Sunday, July 21, 2013


One of the most mighty lines in MULHOLLAND DRIVE comes when I dismiss Alison Deetz on the phone from my run down room near downtown Provo, Utah. Played by my twin brother screenwriter who is currently living at Jennifer Aniston's place in LA, rent free. ~ ~ However, in the end, the unknown comic screenwriter-moocher puts out a 6-figure screenplay entitled THE 3. Which is then immediately confirmed in the news by such hilarious stories as this one about some multiple personality serial killer in the [huge O] state of Ohio, at: ~ ~ AND: See this three crazy men report too, at: ~ ~ Of course, by "hilarious" I mean kind of funny, in a David Lynch sense of the weird. ~ ~ DEATH TRAP NOTES: A minority mother fell to her death on THE TEXAS GIANT ride at 666 FLAGS theme park in the twin I-35 area. In other words, if you continue to harbor a racist attitude towards the white Nephite Israelites in the Book of Mormon; this time they will round up all of you dark minded people and put you to sleep inside of their dog pound gas chambers. Enough is enough, per: ~ ~ "Don't mess with Texas." ~ ~ Just like when FDR rounded up all the Japs during WWII and put them into Nazi style concentration camps in Mormon Utah. ~ ~ Desperate people do desperate things. ~ ~ Personally, I AM would just shoot them all down on the spot, Mr Z style, but most of my kin folk don't have the guts. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ PLANET OF THE APES REMAKE NOTES: The sudden surprise rise of the half human apes in America is a sure sign from g-d that the new Nazi beast has risen once again, per REV.13 etc. Ergo that powerful dividing line REV.16 earthquake off of Cape Campbell in the ten virgins sea between the two halves of New Zealand; which happened at 5:09:31 London Time, represented the 5.9 cutting time of the ten virgins prophecy in MATT 25. ~ ~ MAGNUM PI NOTES: Here is a shot of my British boss look alike in the prophetic MAGNUM PI series. Wherein yours truly drives a red 1980s Ronald Reagan era FERRARI BOXER, and has a high flying good-hearted jive-ass nigger from Hawaii for a sidekick, at:

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