Sunday, July 7, 2013


That 777 jet from Chinatown crashed and burned on the same day of Wimbledon's women's championship game in England, because the surname Murray is a common Irish reference to the prophecy in MATCH POINT. Wherein the Irish tennis teacher kills those two women of the 7 hills beast in REV.17 with a grouse hunter's 12 gage 12 tribes shotgun. According to reports, that Chicago, BOEING Corp 777 from China was coming in on the down low, and all that. ~ ~ Hence the historical 77 years MATCH POINT confirmation on 7.7 etc. etc. ~ ~ You want to live under lawless democratic fascism? Then move to South Africa, or Egypt, or something, but stay out of the UK and the USA. You have no future there. ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CHINESE RED DRAGON NOTES: The honest FBI agent in RED DRAGON tells the blind woman who loves the new Obama beast that her blond hair is "...a train wreck." That was then confirmed by that train wreck in Canada. ~ ~ The REV.17 killer in RED DRAGON was a result of the defective seed landmark below that giant uncircumcised penis image known as Florida. Where we can see the bad seed squirting out of that giant cock that represents the marred servant eating the evil William Blake art of the devil at the Brooklyn museum. Which was a white paper depiction of the white flour diet of the lost tribes of Israel. Wherein two foolish blind women were killed by him. ~ ~ Here is a look at that vicious wild sleeping tiger that the blind foolish virgin figure likes to pet in the 2002 RED DRAGON prophecy, at: ~ ~ MORE FISHY NOTES: This DM link from London shows us that Andy's crazy RED DRAGON mother looks just like the female co-star of A FISH CALLED WANDA. Plus, his girlfriend is named after the tall black SEARS TOWER in Chicago where the relocated 777 BOEING CORP is now located, at: ~ ~ Note the super duper JC wrist watch in the above link; that also includes some nice shots of that huge gold cup of the whore in REV.17. ~ ~ The actor who plays 'Relf' in RED DRAGON gets no mention in the end credits of RED DRAGON. For a brilliant INVISIBLE MAN movie credit confirmation.

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