Monday, July 29, 2013


That crazy Smith Mountain Lake tower reference in WHAT ABOUT BOB? is pretty good. But the actual one in Seattle has a bit more of a genuine boner look, like at: ~ ~ AND: ~ ~ Which was just confirmed by that 'high shift' stick train collision in Switzerland, per: ~ ~ In other words; Why in the world should Mr Weiner pull out of the race for Jew York when he has at least one billion dollars in free publicity money sitting in the bank? That is about the same amount of tax free cash money that I have in the bank right now, and I'm just getting started. ~ ~ What? You think the guy is crazy? ~ ~ Crazy like a sexy Fox News infobabe maybe, like at: ~ ~ GSR/TWN ~ ~ CRAZY BOB NOTES: In the 91 prophecy, WHAT ABOUT BOB? Leo's Ornella Fresh look alike sister, Lilly, tells him to keep her posted. ~ ~ The Jewish Leo Marvin has his NYC Jew office on the 44th floor of that mountainously high office building; for when Colorado's Mr.44 would be in office. Thanks to today's arrogant learned Jews, with their prestigious college degrees; like Michael Medved, and Dr Michael Savage, et al, see: ~ ~ Here is the latest news about some natural gas explosion in Mr Medved's home town of 1776 Philadelphia, at: ~ ~ Per Howard Stern's prophetic FART MAN superhero comic book series. "I am society's EXLAX pill." [Howard Stern, 1996.] ~ ~ BOB NOTES: My half Swiss, half Scottish, full Jewish grandfather Grass died of a sudden heart attack in the Smith Tower; like the faker one in the above movie. They found him, dead as a door nail, still holding onto the door knob penis icon to his fancy law offices. Shortly after his last warning about the [1930s] FDR third-way socialists who had recently taken over Olympia, Washington's state Capitol. ~ ~ GOODWILL HUNTING NOTES: For a goodwill gesture, all those crazy Harvard grad Jews who are now in charge of Israel's elite consiglieri have agreed to release 104 Jew hunters. Think most of the political science professors at BYU are Harvard PhD graduates from the Kennedy School of the new 666 beast, of the false prophet, of the dragon, in REV.16.

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